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Waiting time truck, exceeding 1 hour.EUR75Hour
Additional stop, exceeding 1 . Based on, on-route stop.EUR70Stop
Additional/deviation kilometers.EUR1,5Kilometres
ADR additional.EUR50Container
Sideloader, additional percentage on top of haulage rate.EUR20 %Container
Overnight stay.EUR300Night
Cancellation fee, later than 20 hrs before loading.EURHaulage costHaulage
Demurrage (container hire).Freedays6Container
Demurrage (container hire) after freedays. Per day.EUR7,5TEU
Detention (port storage) - According to Port Authority tariffs.
Sweeping/washing/removal of labels and lashings.EUR180Container
Steam cleaning.EUR250Container
Chemical cleaning.EUR400Container
Export clearance, included 1 HS code.EUR100Customs Clear.
Import clearance, inlcuded 1 HS code.EUR100Customs Clear.
T-document (If high value cargo, might be higher), included 1 HS code.EUR100T-Doc
Additional HS codes to above mentioned documents.EUR3HS Code
Cancellation fee, later than 24 hrs before ETS.EUR50Booking
Customs scan / x-ray.EUR300Container
High Security Seals.EUR8Seal
Amendment to manifest.EUR100Amenmendt
Change of POD fee.EUR85B/L
Late cargo delivery fee. EUR85Container
Split of B/L.EUR100B/L
VGM certificate - weighing of container at port.EUR50Container
All rates quoted are exclusive of customs documentation, local VAT and are according to Viasea Bill of Lading terms.
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